Managing Director

Tiger Pest Control Co.

Cell: 01725286527; 01713705611
Pest Control Service is not a common word in a Developing country like Bangladesh. People don’t care much about the living danger of harmful insects and faces many deadly diseases. To aware people of Bangladesh about those deadly insects and make people safe from those insects, in 1995, Tiger Pest Control Co. (TPCC) started its journey as the Registered New Generation Modern Pest Controller in Bangladesh.
Tiger Pest Control Co (TPCC) is working for controlling & eradicating all species of insect pest at any time anywhere in Bangladesh. We also supply Pest Control Chemical, Machinery also Garments Fabrics & Accessories. 
So, it’s our cordial request that you will be very kind enough to give us a chance to do a pest control & cleaning service and make you safe from dangerous insects & environment. 
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