Snake control service

Living with Snakes can be a substantial danger to our well-being, particularly for our kids and pets. We can observe snakes from the gardens and courtyards of homes, buildings, businesses, and farms.
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Our Procedure to eliminate snake and snake pests

In Tiger Pest Control Co., we apply the necessary steps to get rid of snake pests and prevent their upcoming entry into houses. TPC, among Dhaka's top pest management businesses, specializes in removing snake and snake germs out of your home or some other place near your property. Snakes are usually shy animals which don't need anything to do with individuals. They may be beneficial because they eat rodents, slugs, worms, insects, and other insects, and in precisely the same time, they may be food to other wild animals like hawks.

We employ various methods to eliminate snake pests out of your house or desirable place. From avoidance steps to their complete removal, our specialists will be accountable for executing the whole Procedure. 

TPC snake pest management procedure isn't poisonous to the surroundings, individuals, or even pets. When the snake is removed, our staff will assess the house's crucial points or physical location to prevent future snake pests which could create problems.

Our snake management service is made up of a review to fix a string of physical steps to prevent snakes together with an expert, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly repellent therapy, pets and people.
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Snake bites

Possessing a plague of snakes around your house is dangerous as it increases the probability of being bitten. It's even more toxic when snakes prove to be contaminated.

 A high number of bites happen in routine tasks like farming, gardening. Snakes make the most of shrubs, bushes, or areas which aren't readily available to conceal. But when we pass close to them, they may be threatened and assaulted. Because of this, it's incredibly dangerous in the case of kids. They've got a more compact figure, so the toxin acts quicker and with increased force.

Bites of poisonous snakes

It might be helpful if you went into the closest hospital or clinic because you can't predict the impact which snake venom can cause in each person's body. The outcomes of the poison are distinct in every sort of snake. On the other hand, the most acute instances of toxin can be deadly.
Hospitals have particular drugs and antidotes for every snake snack, so until a venomous snake bite, you need to visit the closest hospital and whenever possible. 
Luckily, in Dhaka, venomous snakes aren't deadly. But, snakes' hazardous power shouldn't be underestimated since the impact they'll have on every, and every receptor is unknown.


We offer most effective snake protection.

Insects never stop trying to enter your home. TPC® never stops working to keep these out. We are the longest lasting and pest control service provider in Bangladesh with over 90 years of experience in snake and pest control dhaka. TPC provides guaranteed protection against spiders, cockroaches, ants, and many more insects. And if the insects come back, so do we - at no cost to you.
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Your family's safety needs to be a priority for you, and if this is the situation, doing everything possible to create your house snake-free is a sacrifice worth paying. The snake insect infestation has to be managed with complete care, which makes the support of skilled snake pest management technicians inescapable.

Another reason why you need professionals' support. It is dangerous as you may not have the capability to recognize the exact species of snake bothering your own home, whether it's poisonous or not. So it's going to be in your very best interest to get in touch with us in TPC to handle your snake related problems for you efficiently.

Necessary things related to venomous and non-venomous snakes that will help you to chase

Snakes are dangerous to pets. They eat ornamental fish, toads and even small cats.

Don't lie close to a snake. Snakes theoretically cannot jump into the degree of an individual's head, and a bite on the surface of venomous snakes or isn't too harmful and poisonous and may also leave a scar in your face, which explains the reason why you need not bend over and keep your space when you attempt to eliminate them.

Snakes are seasonal creatures. Regardless of their love for warmth, many snakes turn into lethargic when it is hot. They hibernate in the summertime. Similar behaviors happen in winter. Another fascinating thing about these is that if it's hot in the daytime, they creep in color, then when a cold comes the creep back into the Sun. That is the reason it is possible to find them appreciating the Sun on the sidewalk.

Snakes will be the queens of desire strikes. They are easily able to endure for many weeks without eating. Additionally, they take it well using a little dam for quite a while. Snakes are the most greedy creatures which exist.

Snakes perceive sounds throughout the vibration of the floor so that they feel that the footsteps of people. Snakes have youthful otherwise. They also replicate in various ways. Additionally, others take their eggs within their bodies.

Urbanization brings them nearer to people. Snakes independently aren't lush in human areas. They're frightened of lawnmowers, automobiles, and floor vibrations. But people cut woods as well as also the natural habitat of snakes so that they seek food and shelter wherever.
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The way we operate

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Prevention recommendations to avoid reoccurrence

Tips to avoid snakes and snakes

  • Prevent weeds. Mow the lawn regularly.

  • Prune the bushes, since they may be a refuge for snakes. Require the sealing steps that we advocate in cracks and slits, put weatherstrips under doorways, etc.

  • Don't leave open doors and windows of gardens and patios.

  • Snakes like cold and wet places and might take the opportunity to adapt in kitchens and semi-basements, in addition to ground floors.

  • Maintain the fleas of insects and rodents under control, since they can be a source of food and also a fascination for snakes. But not worry if you've any pest of the sort, our firm will perform a joint therapy.

Bites of non-venomous snakes

In front of a non-venomous snake bite, it's ideal for behaving like a venomous snake bite. In other words, proceed to the physician even to affirm that the sting hasn't been poisonous.

Typically, these snacks are usually treated as though they were a wound, in other words, by disinfecting the region so that it heals correctly. On the other hand, the medium may prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections if deemed suitable.
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