With both preventative and treatment services, TPC provides the most innovative solutions to guard your house against termites.

We will destroy the annoying ant habitat in your home

Termites won't ever quit trying to enter your house for water, food, and shelter. And since they are nocturnal creatures proficient in hiding, an infestation can escape control before you realize they are in your dwelling. Tiger Pest control protects a number of the country's highest-profile buildings from termites. It provides an identical amount of termite expertise and service to companies of Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Khulna. Assessing your facilities against the danger of wood-destroying pests begins by reaching out to Tiger Pest Control Co.

Your insect and pest issues will be immediately removed with the high quality and warrantied extermination work.
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Comprehensive Termite Control Solutions in Dhaka

Employing the most innovative termite treatment alternatives in the business, our team of professionals can start with a comprehensive review of your building to find out whether termites are active. Next, we will assess the degree of termite damage and identify conditions that could encourage termites. Depending on the initial evaluation, we'll create a termite treatment plan to get rid of termites and avoid future action in and about your enterprise.

Termite control for companies
TPC technicians have the required expertise to provide the best pest management service for your enterprise, and we can also offer you termite control services through periodic inspections.  Termite can cause a great deal of damage to buildings, so they're the very last thing a company needs to function. TPC pest control service provides valuable support to businesses and residential homes so that they do not need to fret about termite issues. This treatment includes:
        Regular inspections for termites or harm caused by these.
        We put in a bait system and periodic inspections to monitor its development.
        Termite control treatment efficiently to prevent additional problems in your small business or building.

Protect your home and your family from termites
The termites are a type of pests which feed on wood and other substances composed of cellulose. Even though some homes or offices are somewhat more inclined to termite infestation compared to many others, all houses are vulnerable to an invasion of termites. Many homeowners fear fires or flooding, but termite damage is significantly more common and much more detrimental. No matter what your house was constructed with- stone or brick, you might still experience a termite problem because the supports of the construction along with other construction elements are constructed of timber and other materials which are composed of cellulose. Therefore, no construction is entirely safe from termite attack.

Over time, damage by termites can become noticeable. Termites destroy and weaken the wood, which can eventually damage the structure by costly repairs.

Home insurance does not cover termites' damage (the risk is too high and too expensive).

Discovering termites can be quite hard, and they can obtain access to homes, buildings, and structures via subterranean tunnels that arise in the nest (which can be up to 100m away).

Virtually Dhaka city is affected by the existence of underground termites.

Termites Pest Control Service

Termite colonies consume nonstop, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, causing a great deal of cash loss and property damage in Bangladesh. They've evolved wings they drop once they've found a fantastic place to construct a nest. There are many distinct termites, but we're mostly worried about Subterranean Termites.

Type of termite control service

Our termite removing TREATMENT

Whether the termites strike a public construction, our house, or even a monument, steps have to be taken to control and eliminate the termite colony. In this case, you will surely want to have the ideal specialist's help to finish this dilemma.

In TPC, we're specialists in the removal of termites colonies and other insects out of timber. We've been doing termite treatments all over Bangladesh for several decades.
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The way we operate

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We will use risk-free therapy for pets and children. So you don't have to worry about your kids. We will work in a completely risk-free manner.
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Prevention recommendations to avoid reoccurrence

Termites Species

Among the different castes of a termite colony, we can point out three: 
    breeding termites,

The breeding termites are winged insects of 8 to 10 mm. They are long, black, and membranous wings that fall after intercourse.

The employees' termites are blind and unclean, measuring 4 to 6 mm. And they're white. Its role is to dig out the galleries and construct tunnels. They're Those That hamper the timber and nourish the rest of the colony

The soldiers are hot and generally blind, measuring about 8 mm. And they're white. It's responsible for protecting their area.

The galleries are upholstered through a combination of ground, wood contaminants, droppings, and saliva. These galleries, always parallel to the fiber and also with no sawdust, leaving a thin coating layer that prevents its existence from being readily ascertained. In some cases, 2 mm black holes have been observed from the ceilings and the walls which function for aeration.


Termites never quit eating. And while homeowners insurance policy insures threats such as intrusion and lightning attacks, many policies do not cover termite therapy or damage fixes.

That is where TPC comes from. We've got the most innovative and effective termite control products and techniques out there. Besides, we offer the strongest warranty in the business.

Relentless protection -- it is what distinguishes TPC from different businesses. And it is what protects your house from the threat of termites.
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Tips to prevent the presence of termites

Your home or office construction is most likely your most significant investment. Any property owner needs to have a termite prevention strategy because termites can devour your investment with no notice -- and also the expense of repairs is quite significant.

The problem with termites is They live underground and devour the timber from the interior, so It's hard to detect the problem before It's in a critical condition. Nobody can assure you won't have issues with termites or other wood pests; however, TPC experts can indicate easy-to-follow steps that help safeguard any building out of termites. Termites require two items: timber and dampness. Should you minimize the warmth inside your house and protect the wood, then you'll be reducing the possibility of harboring a termite issue. 

Termites feed on cellulose. Even if your home's structure was constructed with brick or stone, it's still very likely to include timber. The timber that's in direct contact with the floor facilitates the endeavor. Stacking the firewood at the base of the backyard without direct contact with the property. Make sure the debris and leaves out of the backyard aren't kept close to the house. That will lessen the danger of a termite infestation in your premises. Maintain periodic inspections of taps, pipes, gutters, and drains, and also check that they're in the right condition and without leaks. An effortless flow can make the conditions that termites desire, which means you need to pay exclusive attention to Leaking taps.

Make sure that basements and atmosphere chambers are well ventilated. Lousy ventilation in these regions will lead to moisture condensation. Use mechanical ventilation and air extraction methods to Decrease humidity. In case you've created an anti-termite security barrier, remember that building extensions or alterations may change or void the barrier's effectiveness. Pay particular attention to the installation of plumbing.

Why tiger pest control?

Your home or office construction is your leading investment, and our team of specialists in TPC has been dedicated more than decades to help individuals solve their issues problems.

In TPC, we've got a Division specialized in timber treatment, with several years of experience in pest control, woodworm, along with additional wood insects. Don't be afraid to contact us should you want a free review where a TPC wood remedy specialist can allow you to diagnose your pest issue.

Termites nest at the floor, where they discover that the humidity and temperature required for their development. From that underground nest, that's the most important center of their colony, they assemble galleries, which sheltered them by the mild, enable them to achieve the buildings' lumber seeking the cellulosic substances that constitute their meals.

Their principal food is cellulose, and they strike all sorts of timber, except a few tropical species. The termites can corrode plastic, plaster, as well as fortified concrete to access the timber.

Q&A about Termites

What the termites look like?
Termites have a thick waist, straight antennae, shorter legs & wings are present, both pairs of wings will be the same length. The underground termites are somewhat like a black ant, but they're light whitish. When you look carefully, termites appear to have two segments in their bodies while ants have three.
What is the difference between winged termites and winged ants?
While the two species have four wings, termite wings are uniform in size. Winged ants have more giant wings at the front than the set from the trunk. Termites antennae are nearly right in which the ant's antennae are elbowed. Termite wings are twice as long as their own body.
Can't I handle my termites' issue myself?
If you discover termites in your house or office, call a technical firm like us. Preventing termite infestation is among the most complicated issues to manages. Therefore, do-it-yourself options don't always yield a remedy against termites. The longer time needed to address the issue, the more cash will be invested along with the further corrosion caused by termites o the possessions.

How should I choose a termite pest control company?

The main point to consider is to find if it's licensed and contains the correspondence documents. The next issue would be to compare the standard of inspection done and the treatment record; afterwards, expertise in treatment done at precisely the same location. In TPC, we've been in this sector for several years and have managed hundreds of treatments.

Does termite eat paper?

Termites like the remainder of xylophagous pest feed on cellulose, which naturally, is within the paper. Take care with your assortment of comics which you maintain the storage area or the cellar; avenging dinner vases can finish it before you've got enough opportunity to respond.

How can I know if my house has a termite?

Termites aren't easy to locate. Occasionally you will find signs such as sand tunnels; however, termites can be extremely proficient at hiding their tracks. In case you suspect you've got termites, you need to ask for a termites inspection whenever possible by one of our technical termite control specialists.
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