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Are you tired of fighting mosquitoes in your garden? TPC is pleased to provide cheap, effective mosquito management alternatives to both residential and business customers so that you may enjoy being outdoors. When you've got pets, children or love sitting out and enjoying your lawn, TPC will be confident you could do this without irritating mosquitoes telling you at every turn!

As a professional outdoor pest control service provider, TPC comes with an assortment of mosquito management solutions, such as a pure alternative, ideal for transforming your yard into a tranquil location for you and your loved ones. Besides, we provide pest management services for ticks and fleas.
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Mosquitoes would be the deadliest creatures on Earth. With only one bite, they could spread dangerous diseases like West Nile virus, malaria, and heartworm. Not only they are a health hazard to our nearest and dearest, but they abandon painful and itchy welts that destroy our time outside. Do not let your loved ones be vulnerable to the risks of ticks or mosquitoes. Telephone the pest control pros at TPC.

TPC's trained and licensed technicians have protected 300,000 households from mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests nationally. Our signature Protective Barrier Therapy is micro-encapsulated, removing 85-90percent of the tick and mosquito populations in your property. Our team is enthusiastic about protecting households nationwide from the risks and irritations of bloodsucking pests. Contact us now for a free quote to recover your garden. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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Your absolute satisfaction is precious to us. If you are not completely happy with your mosquito control or misting system, contact our TPC office, and we will fix it!

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Since 1995, TPC's efforts have raised well to help fuel the struggle against malaria. As soon as we donate some of our earnings to Malaria No More, we are saving lives by encouraging actions in Bangladesh to ensure accurate, timely and widespread communications which help inform school-aged kids and communities seeing protective mattress net distributions and fair use.

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Have a Look at the variety of Tick, Mosquito, flea and other outdoor pest Management Alternatives we Provide:

Barrier Spray Treatment
This is unquestionably the hottest treatment we provide! After every 21 days, a trained TPC technician will appear and see to your lawn, ensuring to aim the perimeter in addition to the foliage along with any other areas where mosquitoes may reside. On top of that, your property will be prepared 30 minutes following the program! 

Natural Mosquito Control
Our typical treatment choices deter mosquitoes immediately and effectively enjoy our conventional barrier treatment. Alternatives vary from organic garlic into botanicals derived from natural plant oils ranging from 14 to 21-day cycles to keep the exact effective pest control.

Flea Control
Many people understand the typical annoyances for fleas for dogs, cats, and sometimes even people. What a lot of don't see is that fleas take diseases exactly like ticks and mosquitoes. To maintain your pets shielded, veterinarians advocate a monthly flea and tick preventative. Our barrier spray solutions kill and prevent fleas and ticks, therefore let TPC function as the primary line of defense against those disease-carrying pests. 

Tick Control
Pet owners and parents alike are worried about tick avoidance as a tick bite may have severe consequences for children and pets. To take away this issue, TPC targets plants and shrubs around your lawn, making a barrier for those pests.

Misting Systems
It is no secret that pests and mosquitoes flourish in specific areas of Bangladesh. In certain scenarios, a more permanent solution is the path for you! Our automated misting system is ideal for maintaining your deck, pool, living area, or some other outside space bite-free.

Special Event Treatments
If you're arranging a graduation party, wedding, outside birthday party or would like to have your friends and family over for a BBQ, TPC will be individual mosquitoes do not make your guest list! Give us a call before your event, and we could get your lawn mosquito-free for you and your mates.

Commercial Services
The very last thing you need for your company is for the clients to say, "Everything was good; however, the mosquitoes were so bad I could not even appreciate my expertise". For business properties with outside spaces, eliminating mosquitoes may promote the company, ensuring clients' comfort and security.

Not sure what you need? Speak to our staff, and we could send a certified technician outside to perform a part of your lawn to urge the ideal mosquito management service for you. 

No contract is required, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. For more information or to request a free quote, please call us.
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