Cleaning service

It is really you want a clean environment surrounding you that may be your house, office, school, college, university or anywhere which gives you and others a significant effect of good impression. This impression can have a positive impact on your life. Looking for Professional Cleaning Services Company?

We are here “Tiger Pest Control Co” a leading cleaning services provider in Dhaka Bangladesh. We are providing “Cleaning Services” in Dhaka & adjacent areas Office Cleaning, Industry Cleaning, Mozambique Marble Cleaning Service, Glass Cleaning Service, Swimming Pool Cleaning Service, Room Cleaning Service, Wall Cleaning Service, Sofa Cleaning Service, Tiles Cleaning Service, Washroom All types of services including cleaning services, Kitchen cleaning services, Basement cleaning services, Toilet cleaning etc.

Whatever you need cleaned – “Tiger Pest Control Co” Services have the equipment, expertise and experience to get the job done right. Our experts create a clean and positive environment for ensuring your operation stay productive. We also understand the unique safety standards.

Type of cleaning service

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