Tiger Pest Control provides powerful, customized bed bug eradication treatments where bed bugs live and reproduce. We work quickly and efficiently in a short period of time.


Here's how our bed bug solutions work:
        A TPC technician performs an extensive inspection of your home, including beds, furniture and linens.
        TPC removes visible bed bugs and treats the area to eliminate any hidden bed bugs and their eggs.
        TPC backs the work with our Bed Bug Guarantee.

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Commercial Bed Bug Control service

Increasing bed bugs in the company area can lead to a low reputation for your company name and poor customer experience, bad reputation and declining profit.

Tiger Control Services pros utilize this powerful means and remedy to make sure solutions to your small business and utterly free of bedbugs. Our standard and heat treatment methods are proven successful in removing life spans of bedbugs phases. Therefore, in case you've got a bed bug infestation in your commercial areas, then contact us to get a comprehensive inspection.

Bed Bug Treatment Services

In under a couple of months, bedbugs can grow hugely, and this introduces a high-risk hazard to personal comfort. The very best way to approach those blood-sucking parasites is by eliminating it. TPC ensures the bed bugs out of the houses and office environment are taking good care of with immediate impact.

Our specialists are trained with years of expertise in this business. They understand everything which has to do with bugs infestation. We've been able to come up with a functional approach that may help in creating the very best and long-lasting outcomes.

Conventional Treatments:
TPC Standard Treatment is one of our bed bug treatments that has the most impact on your workplace and family. Our specialists apply this treatment formula to be able to see all the detected secret locations of bed bugs on your property. They make sure that all possible hidden corners are bed bug-free

Heat Treatments:
We utilize heat therapy techniques to eliminate most bed bugs. Just this one-day treatment could provide a favorable ecological solution by killing all bed bugs in your house and office using pesticides into the affected place. Typically, infected areas are heated to high temperatures by mobile heaters to ensure that the bloodsuckers have died.

Bed Bug Dogs:
These are dogs that can sniff any location in which bedbugs are hiding. Our trained dogs are vast, and they can smell bedbugs odor.

Some dogs can sniff any place where bed bugs are hiding. Our trained dogs are so enormous, and they can smell bed bugs odor.


TPC knows very well how to find out if there are bed bugs in your home and how to control them. We provide bed bug control solutions with Steam or RapidFreeze that are fast, effective and non-toxic. If you think you may have bed bugs and need treatment, then call TPC and schedule a free bed bug inspection.

TPC will customize the treatment to quickly and safely remove bed bugs from the affected area. If bed bugs are found in the treatment room or area within the next 30 days, TPC will treat further at no extra cost.
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The way we operate

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We will evaluate your pest problem, make an inspection if necessary, and give you a budget and recommendations. We will both agree on the time of the visit
Our authorized technicians will apply the appropriate pest control treatment
We will agree on the time of the treatment
We will use risk-free therapy for pets and children. So you don't have to worry about your kids. We will work in a completely risk-free manner.
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What Causes Bed Bugs?

First, it is essential to note that bed bugs are discriminatory insects, no matter how great or small your home is if it is clean or there is a mess. Homeowners often find bed bugs

They came from vacation or business trip.
Bed bugs have a notorious for being located in beds and can hitch a ride onto your luggage in the airport or train station. They may also be found on Aeroplan's, trains, buses, and other public transport. In reality, entomologists speculate that the increasing cases of bed bug problems might be caused, in part, to increased global travel.

Bringing home used furniture, mattresses or other secondhand products.
If you see things on the side of the street marked free, keep driving by as it might be infested and lost by the last owner. It might help if you were careful when surfing at a garage or moving sales and even at secondhand stores. If you decide that the product is a must-have, inspect quite carefully (paying particular attention to seams) for bed bugs or indications of these.

Having houseguests in residence.
Welcoming from town family members and friends for the holidays or simply as it's exciting. It can also cause a bed bug attack. Your visitors might have moved on public transport or stayed at a hotel a night or two when in route to your home. They could unknowingly bring bed bugs into your residence.

Picking your college student.
School dormitories have turned into a popular spot for bed bug action, and if your kid has not been careful, they could inadvertently bring bed bugs back in their possessions.


Looking for ways to get rid of bed bugs? After thinking on this pest has recently raised enough. The more you know about the bed bugs, the better your chances to avoid them.

Usually, it is very close to the bed at the time of this fact is found in the names of these insects. Bed bugs are wingless insects that feed entirely on the blood of warm-blooded animals. They and their relatives have been developed as nest parasites. Some species live in bird nests and bat roasts; Others have adapted well to living in people's homes.

Unfortunately, bed bugs can be mature in about 35 days. They then live for about 8 to 12 months. This makes it challenging to remove bed bugs without the help of a professional.

Bed bugs are mainly fed to people lying in bed at night. The bite is painless and takes 10 minutes to feed the blood.

How do bed bugs find hosts when people are asleep? Body heat, exhaled breaths, and other biological signatures help to focus bed bugs on unintentional, snoozing hosts.

The bed bug feeds, then returns to its shelter a few days or weeks before it returns. This can complicate detection until the insect is well established.

Bed bugs are proficient hitchhikers. In reality, they're primarily transported by people and human possessions like suitcases.

Small nuisances, the easier to eliminate bed bug. That is why it is essential to look for any possible problem as soon as possible.

Bed bugs have an unusual ability to spread using obscure people and their belongings as carriers. Following steps below will help you reduce the risk of bed bugs. More importantly, it will help you reduce the chances of bringing something home with you.
        Check out travel reviews before visiting a hotel first, and be careful with multiple reports of bed bugs.
        When you inspect a hotel, check the mattress, headboard, bed frame and pictures for any signs of bed bugs.
        Place your luggage on the luggage shelf instead of storing luggage on the bed or floor. Hang clothes instead of holding them in dressers.

Still, there is no guarantee that bed bugs will not come into your home in any way. If they do, call TPC. Our effective bed bug removal solutions will remove them. Guaranteed

Q&A about Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are good to hide but not suitable for hiding evidence. The careless clue they leave behind is the best indicator of spreading your house with bed bugs. The clues to look for include:
        Shed bed bug skins, exoskeletons or shells
        Faecal stains on your mattress and bedding
        Bloodstains on your sheets and pyjamas
Reactions to bed bug bites on the skin are similar to fleas and mosquitoes bite, so it may not be possible to say which insect bites. See the symptoms of bed bug bites:
        Raised, red welts
        Burning and itching
        Bed bug bite rash across a localized area
        Straight lines of multiple bites
Bed bugs need to be monitored for proper control. In order to eat human blood, bed bugs want to be close to the host. Favorite place for insects in the bedroom, box springs, headboards and bed framing. They can also settle on existing furniture and fixtures. Bedrooms aren't the sole real location where bed bugs may be a concern. The feeding does not need to be at nighttime. All bed bugs are all on the lookout to get are individual hosts dormant long enough to deliver meals. Getting rid of bed bugs is very hard. The place where people sit, rest or sleep can be the place where bed bugs are introduced or fed. Watching a movie for two hours in a theatre makes you an easy target. A favorite recliner in the family room may make you a target. You might even turn into a target going for a cab across town.
As a professional pest control agency, we have very good medicine. The type of product used in professional pest control depends on the kind of treatment that needs to be applied.
The reason they come home is that they are looking for food and shelter, so there are any cracks, and it is essential to close them so that cockroaches can enter your home.
Sometimes finding places to locate them can be challenging, but they prefer damp and dark spots such as basements, garages and warehouses or bathroom ceilings, pipes and drains, cracks or grooves. Visiting these places is a great way to discover cockroach nests.

Why would you hire us?

TPC delivers effective methods and proven techniques of discovering and removing the source of your bed insect infestation issue. Together with our highly trained accredited pros carrying out a comprehensive review of the infested area, and offer you the best treatment options available at an inexpensive cost. We place into account environment friendliness when shielding bed bugs out of your premises.
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